About Us

About Transatlantic Business Consulting

Transatlantic Business Consulting provides “ Next Generations Telecommunications and Security Solutions” and strictly adheres to international Anti Bribery and Corruption Policies ( ABC) and respects the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ( FCPA) which are all embedded in the company policies. We are a member of American Chamber of Commerce – AMCHAM and TRACE certified and compliant. View Certificate

Based on its rich experience acquired in the execution of numerous strategic projects for the Government of Cameroon, the promoters of TransAtlantic Business Consulting decided to create TBC in August 2008 in order to provide their numerous clients with complete packages and diversified into full scale security solutions with a world leader in the industry AS&E. TransAtlantic Business Consulting (TBC Ltd.)offers next generation telecommunication solutions in the CEMAC sub region and has been a major actor in the execution of several projects with the Cameroonian Government such as SIGIPES, GPS and SYDONIA

Within the framework of its core consultancy activity in the domain of deployment, maintenance and security, TransAtlantic Business Consulting Limited can boast of having important references and strategic partnerships with Cisco, AS&E and HP. TBC is member of AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) Cameroon.

TransAtlantic Values

Customer Focus: Our strategic partnership enable us to provide the best value and best security solutions for our clients

People Centric: We invest in the best people, and the best resources to enable them excel in their performance

Experience: Our team of experienced consultants provide long-term sustainable solutions through cutting edge technology to our clients

Integrity: We empower our employees to always provide the right solution for clients

Teamwork: We treat our clients as part of our team