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Formed in 1958, AS&E began as a developer of scientific instruments for NASA. In subsequent years, AS&E went on to develop advanced technologies in the fields of defense, education, medicine, non-destructive testing, and security, such as low energy, high-resolution Computed Tomography (CT) scanning of the human body—the same technology that is used today in medical diagnostic-scanning systems around the world (1976). AS&E also developed the first cargo X-ray imaging system used by the U.S. Government to scan rail cars leaving Russian missile factories (1989). And AS&E developed the first mobile X-ray inspection system with the MobileSearch (1994). Today, AS&E focuses on designing and manufacturing world-class inspection technologies, with expertise building on our heritage of innovation

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Kejo Limited Company was founded by its president Tony Tanner in Florida, USA and commenced trading in 1997. With over 30 years of business experience, Kejo’s clients include the US Army,US Navy, Marines and the US Air Force. Kejo supplies body armor to level IV (NIJ), bomb and ballistic blankets, EOD bomb disposal suits, demining equipment, shields and helmets under registered trade mark Kejo ®. They also offer bomb and metal detection equipment, X Ray machines, EOD tools, and many other products in the fight against terrorism. On request Kejo can custom make bomb and ballistic resistant products including vehicle protection and even helicopter floor ballistic protection. Kejo’s products are currently in service around the world and recognized by law enforcement agencies as an industry leader. Their expanding range of products assists all law enforcement agencies and military personnel in their ever increasing fight against world terrorism.

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Omega Security International is a full service Information Technology, Telecommunications and Broadband Internet connectivity provider. They deliver superior quality and cost effective customized integrated solutions, and provide project management support services to government and commercial customers, nationally and internationally. Omega Security International, LLC, is a customer-oriented organization that provides a variety of critical state-of-the-art information, best in breed, technology, telecommunications and broadband Internet connectivity solutions Realizing the dynamic nature of the technological age has equipped Omega with the right tools, expertise, methodologies and teaming arrangements that provide that flexibility to respond to these trends and unique customer requirements.